These are some of the products and publications I have worked on.

Multimedia Projects

Sea World Wild Arctic Exhibit/CD-i systems
The exhibit of polar bears, walruses, and beluga whales also features more than a dozen video monitors controlled by CD-i programs, including video presentations, games, and a multimedia information library.


Bell Atlantic InfoTravel
An advertising and point-of-information video system directly connected to the hotel room cable video system of Marriott and Hilton hotels in Washington and Chicago.


Bell Atlantic Info-Active Electronic Directory
An electronic Yellow Pages title on CD-i. Includes a search engine with complete telephone listings for the Washington, D.C. area.


Effacer: Hangman from the 25th Century
A futuristic version of the word game hangman. Includes a 35,000-word dictionary with definitions.


MCI Business Advantage/Network MCI
A software sales presentation with full-screen, full-motion MPEG video.


Kingdom: The Far Reaches
Kingdom: Shadoan
Animated adventure role-playing games featuring branching MPEG video.


Jumanji: A Jungle Adventure Game Pack
CD-ROM video game collection.

Other Projects