Hello. You have found the home page of Jefferson Ogata (JO317). It's not very exciting. No animated gifs or JavaScript, although it does have a shiny red button.

This site was updated ever so slightly on 2006/08/23. Most of it is very old.

Max In A Box

This is the home of my brother Eric and his former cats, Katie, Max, and Pause.


An Overview of Internet Security is a document I wrote once upon a time for the National Oceanographic Data Center, in collaboration with my colleagues Eric (My Brother) Ogata, and Joseph (Mr. Cool) Shirley. It's not super brilliant, but it's an overview. YMMV.

Dark Side Of The Web

Here are a few firewall- and web-related tools: some stuff I've written for my own use. Cut and paste as needed. My IP Filter log parser, plog, is among them.

Repent Today

Here is my yawn-inducing résumé. I'm not suggesting that you read it or anything. I just keep it handy in case I'm looking for a job suddenly.


If for some strange reason you are wondering what I look like, here I am on a bad hair day, and this picture illustrates the social hazards of letting the unwashed masses near a copy of Photoshop.

You may also read my official Y2K statement.

Shiny Red Button

If you want to send me electronic mail, just press this shiny red button: