Jefferson Ogata
Network Security Specialist
2505 Kimberly Street
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
(301) 962-9646

Technologies, Languages, and Operating Environments

XML, XSLT, Perl, PHP, C, shell, HTML, Java, Pascal, Lisp, assembler (various), RPC, UNIX (IRIX, Solaris, Tru64, AIX), Linux, *BSD, X Windows, Windows 9x, Windows NT, MacOS, OS-9.


Fifteen years in software engineering, and ten years in systems administration, covering a number of specialized fields, with focus on system and network security. Some skills:
  • Security of public Internet services, especially HTTP, FTP, DNS, and SMTP.
  • Firewall configuration using packet filters, network address translation (NAT), and application proxies.
  • Development of tools for analysis of captured network traffic.
  • Host security configuration using encryption, tunneling, application- and network-layer tools.
  • Computer forensics, emergency data recovery, analysis of compromise vectors and techniques.
  • Administration, implementation, and protocol of DNS, NFS, HTTP, and other common TCP/IP services.
  • Intranet design, subnetting, switch and small router configuration.
  • Email service configuration, security, and customization (yes, I actually understand, and anti-spam and anti-relay measures.
  • CGI and web caching.
  • Web interfaces to SQL databases.
  • File sharing in a heterogeneous network (UNIX/Windows/Macintosh), NFS, SMB and AppleTalk administration.
  • Compiler design and construction.
  • Image processing and image format translation.
  • Color quantization and efficient spatial indexing.
  • 2D computer graphics.
  • Graph-based application modeling and implementation.
  • Custom color and black-and-white photographic printing.
Some things I do not do:
  • Visual Basic, ASP, and other Windows-specific programming.
  • ORACLE administration.
  • Meetings before noon.


University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland: B.S. Computer Science with minor in Linguistics, August, 1992.

Special Interests

UNIX internals, theory of computation, mathematics, astronomy, electrical engineering, music, film, etymology, classics, et al.


Senior Systems Engineer March, 1998 - present
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Security, network, and system technical support for a large community of administrators, scientists, and engineers. Analysis and guidance on host, network, and infrastructure security at all levels of organization. Attack and compromise response, forensic procedures, and analysis of attack signatures. Development and presentation of security training programs for network and systems administrators.
Senior Software Engineer December, 1992 - January, 1998
pmpro, inc., Washington, D.C.
Systems and network administration of a multi-homed Internet site and a heterogeneous network of about thirty nodes. Design and implementation of network utilities for monitoring of remote systems, DNS-based database services, email routing and administration, et al. Coding of a library and suite of tools for converting multimedia graphics among various formats, with tools for automated analysis of image data for application control flow. Design of database and code generation systems for authoring of complex multimedia applications. Coding of library and application software for realtime video playback and interactive control of Compact Disc - Interactive (CD-i) set-top box, used in several award-winning titles. Development of control systems for hotel video advertising system with direct telephone connection from advertiser to hotel room under software control.
Software engineer May, 1992 - November, 1992
Compact Disc Incorporated, Silver Spring, Md.
Design and implementation of Compact Disc - Interactive (CD-i) software.
Photographic printer May, 1991 - April, 1992
Breger and Associates, Incorporated, Kensington, Md.
Printing and photography of fine arts.
Research programmer December, 1990 - May, 1991
Trellis project, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, Md.
Implementation of a graph-based hypertext model.
Independent study September, 1988 - May, 1989
Fulcrum project, Professor P. David Stotts, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, Md.
Design and implementation of an interactive visual debugger for yacc-based parsers.

Details on my work experience.
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