Jefferson Ogata
Network Security Specialist
2505 Kimberly Street
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
(301) 962-9646

Here are more detailed descriptions of some of my work experience.

Systems Engineer February, 1998 - present

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring, Md.

I'll get to this later.

Senior software engineer December, 1992 - January, 1998

pmpro, inc., Washington, D.C.

DNS administration. Wrote host file compiler to generate synchronized versions of NIS and DNS host maps. Configured and maintained name daemon for intranet with multiple zones. Wrote a custom name daemon implementation and resolver library for distributing a database to remote clients over the Internet.

Firewall and security. Configured and maintained IP Filter firewall software and network address translation to provide secure Internet access to entire intranet via single IP address dynamically assigned by ISP. Configured ssh secure shell software for fully encrypted remote access to Internet sites

Distributed filesystems. Wrote a user-mode NFS daemon for exporting filesystems without super-user access. Maintained NFS, SMB, and AppleShare sharing of operating systems and multimedia assets over network of workstations running SunOS, Solaris, Windows 95, Windows NT, and MacOS. Configured NFS automounter.

Systems administration. Maintained heterogeneous network of about thirty Macs, PCs, and UNIX workstations. Configured network addresses and routing on intranet of three physical segments. Operated and maintained a high-volume multi-homed Internet server. Configured PPP remote access software. Built and maintained GNU and other free software for UNIX machines. Maintained NIS databases for UNIX workstations.

Email administration. Operated virtual hosting of multiple domains using Sendmail. Wrote extensive rulesets for rejecting unsolicited commercial email based on originating domain and IP address. Tailored local mailers and POP mail server software, and configured and maintained UUCP queues for remote domains.

Website administration. Configured and operated Apache, CERN, and SurfWatch Proserver HTTP daemons, and Squid proxy HTTP server. Configured environment for secure chroot operation of Apache daemon. Wrote administrative scripts for fine control of multiple HTTP daemons running on a multi-homed Internet server. Configured RealAudio server for streaming audio.

Systems programming. Modified a SunOS PPP driver to balance transmission load over multiple interfaces, allowing multiple modems to be bound into a single logical link.

Color quantization. Wrote an efficient color quantizer that compiles a colormap to a binary space partition of the equivalent Voronoi diagram. Exact colormap match for each pixel is then achieved in O(log n) time via binary search. This algorithm avoids the noticeable errors introduced by common high-speed algorithms.

Image processing. Wrote a library for reading and writing Targa image files, and a suite of image conversion tools that allows artists to embed configuration data in special layers in a Photoshop file. Active areas of multimedia menu images are then detected and compiled automatically into runtime data without the tedious notation of the coordinates by the artists and engineers. Tools included an alpha compositor, brightness and contrast manipulation, Photoshop to Targa image format converter with layer and channel selection, a tool for locating and reporting connected regions of an image, and many others.

Multimedia. Wrote a compiler and runtime library for representing a CD-i multimedia application as a deterministic finite automaton, driven by system events (timers, audio and video timing) and user's pointer activity. Wrote a database compiler for generating runtime database from a Filemaker Pro database representing DFA with conditional expressions associated with DFA edges. Contributed to an extensive library for controlling multimedia features on CD-i device, including full-motion, full-screen MPEG video. Wrote numerous CD-i multimedia applications, including training, point-of-information, and consumer game products.

Software engineer May, 1992 - November, 1992

Compact Disc Incorporated, Silver Spring, Md.

Coding of a CD-i application for multimedia advertising. Authoring of HyperCard prototype for multimedia presentation software.

Photographic printer May, 1991 - April, 1992

Breger and Associates, Incorporated, Kensington, Md.

Printed high-quality, calibrated, custom color and black-and-white photographs of antique furniture, paintings, sculpture, and other fine arts. Worked with artists to ensure satisfaction with reproduction quality. Assisted in photography of the same works. Repaired color processing machines and enlargers.

Research programmer December, 1990 - May, 1991

Trellis project, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, Md.

Assisted in coding an implementation of a Petri-net editor designed to be used in representation of hyperlinked, concurrent multimedia.

Independent study September, 1988 - May, 1989

Fulcrum project, Professor P. David Stotts, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, Md.

Designed and implemented a debugging system for yacc-based parsers. This consisted of a wrapper program for yacc and a modified parser template, and an interactive debugger. The parser produced by the wrapper writes a trace file of all tokens and actions while the parser runs. The trace file can then be examined by the curses-based debugger, which displays the parse stack, the input stream, and all parser actions. The debugger includes features to search for specific tokens, reductions, or error actions.